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  • Oxford University Press - Dictionary Editorial/ Science Editorial
  • Cambridge University Press
    - Online dictionary localisation (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) | Financial dictionary translation (Cambridge Business English Dictionary)
  • Ling Kee Publishing Group
    – Translation of textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s guides, question banks in Liberal Studies | Translation of data-based questions in Chinese History | Translation of the project of "monuments in different districts of Hong Kong"
  • Nature Publishing Group - Translation of legal documents
  • Pan Lloyds Publishers Limited - Translation of 24 primary Maths textbooks 
  • Oriental Media Corporation - Translation of quarterly-published newsletter "Olympic Voice of Hong Kong" 
  • The University of Hong Kong
    - Copywriting of HKU awardees' profiles | Translation of Prospectus | Editing and translation of a booklet under LevelMind@JC project for Department of Psychiatry | Back-translation of a questionnaire for School of Nursing
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    - Bilingual copywriting of 30th anniversary booklet | Copywriting and translation of CII Findings Research Report | Copywriting and copy-editing of annual report 2022-23 for Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Office | Translation of transcripts for Faculty of Law | Copywriting of new inventions and press releases for Faculty of EngineeringThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    - Translation of teaching materials | Editing and translation of research reports
  • The Education University of Hong Kong (Department of Humanities and Psychology)
    –Translation of video scripts into Nepali, Hindi and Urdu | Copy-editing of research reports or dissertations | Copywriting and translation of research and marketing materials
  • English Schools Foundation – (ESF)
    - Translation of Prospectus | Translation of school rules | Translation of different brochures related to training for teaching staff 
  • Yew Chung International School
    -  Translation of the marketing collaterals | Transcription and translation of videos | Interpreting for their training webinars, workshops and events
  • University of British Columbia – Localisation of the website
  •  Vocational Training Centre – Translation of various analytical reports of different industries in Hong Kong
  • Robot Institution of Hong Kong – Translation of company profile, promotional materials
  • Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) - [2-year tender contract] Provision of translation services on ASTRI's documents, such as, press releases, research reports into TCHK, SC and French
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)
    - Transcription services on interviews with celebrities | Translation of annual reports | Translation of the descriptions of awardees' construction works 
  • Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians (HKIAAT) – Translation of exams papers 
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) - Proofreading and translation of teaching materirals
  • Construction Industry Council
    [2-year tender contract] - Copywriting of leaflets  |  Translation of all training courses  | Translation of minutes
  • International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) – IATC – Translation of dissertations
  • New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association – Editing of annual report
  • The Federation of HK Watch Trades & Industries Ltd. – Translation of annual report
  • City & Guilds – Translation of exams paper
  • Tung Wah Museum –  Translation of exhibition content 
  • M Plus Museum Ltd.
    - Transcription and translation of an interview | [2-year tender contract] -  Provision of Video Transcription, Translation and Captioning Services
  • Hong Kong Housing Society – Translation of 2 websites
  • Chartered Association of Building Engineers – Translation of an agreement
  • Adsale Group - Translation of exhibition documents into multi-languages of Japanese, Korean, italian, Spanish, Arabic and Russian 
  • Poly Auction (HK) Ltd. - Translation of the brochures of seasonal auctions & the descriptions of bidding items
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council
    - Council's annual report 2022-23 | Translation of monthly-published Auto News | Translation of Sustainability Annual Report
  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation - [1-year tender contract] Provision of copywriting and translation services on social posts, business stories, and Keep-up articles


  • The Labour Department
    –  Translation of training courses for the youth | Translation of brochures in minority langauges of Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Tagalog and Indonesian.
  • Urban Planning Department – Copywriting of exhibition content 
  • Board of Review – Verbatim reporting services
  • Department of Health – Localisation of brochures into Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog
  • Hongkong Post - [Tender contracts in 4 respective years] -  Rewriting of annual report 
  • Hong Kong International Airport Authority – Translation of legal documents 
  • Hong Kong International Aviation Academy - [2-year tender contract]  Translation of all teaching notes 
  • Immigration Department – Translation of a document into Thai and Sinhalese
  • Development Bureau (Works Branch) – Translation of a manual
  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) - Editing of the booklet under HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2022
  • Wacom – Copywriting and translation of Printed ads/leaflets 
  • Millot - Copywriting of promotional materials
  • Giabo – Copywriting and translation of brochures
  • OSIM
    – Translation of brochures featuring different products | Transcription and translation of TV scripts | Translation of health tips on OSIM's website
  • ICI Dulux
    - Copywriting and translation of different websites  | Translatioin of annual colour book
  • KONE – Translation of quarterly-published newsletters
  • Humanscale – Translation of brochures
  • Cuppaz - Translation of all marketing collaterals, Including website content, e-Newsletters and FaceBook posts
  • A.S. Watsons Group – Copywriting of skincare and bodycare copies, and press releases
  • Mannings – Translation of descriptions of skincare products
  • Ztage (new brand of watches) - Translation of marketing materials into mutl-languages of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic to promote the sales wordwide
  • MGM Macau – Copywriting of press releases
  • Royal Caribbean International – Translation of website
  • Aberdeen Marina Club – Ttranslation of bi-monthly magazines
  • Caesars Palace – Localisation of website
  • Galaxy Macau – Translation of brochures
  • Quintessentially™ - Translation of brochures
  • British Airways - Localisation of website
  • Times Square - Translation of arts exhibition content 
  • Marco Polo Hotels – Translation of leaflets
  • Cathay Pacific Airways – Translation of press releases
  • Club ZFU – Copy-translation of the Content of Bi-monthly Magazine “Opulence”
  • Ocean Park Conservation Foundation - Editing and translation of an educational booklet
  • Regent Hong Kong - Translation of brand story, factsheets of various restaurants
  • Jones Lang LaSalle - Translation of press releases 
  • EC Harris - Translation of Newsletters
  • Walton Development –Translation of brochuires and presentation 
  • Chinachem Group – Copywriting and translation of advertorials
  • Xin Serviced Apartments – Copywriting and translation of website
  • Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. – Copywriting and translation of website
  • Wheelock – Translation of corporate brochure
  • Swire Properties Ltd. – Translation of brand guidelines and translation of a transcript
  • Island South Property Management Ltd. - Editing and translation of all correspondences/newsletters/ISO documents 
  • Aviva - Translation of Prospectus
  • Citigroup – Translation of the presentation to the clients
  • Deutsche Bank – Translation of press releases
  • HSBC – Translation of brochures
  • Bank of Communications – Translation of MC script 
  • American Express - Localisation of website
  • MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited– Translation of brochures/correspondences 
  • Bank of Singapore – Translation of legal documents 
  • Chief Group Ltd - Translation of all content of revamped website 
  • Tricor Services Ltd. – Translation of Annual Report
  • Blue Nile Jewellery – Localisation of e-shopping webiste
  • ENICAR watches – Copywriting of the website
  • Mioggie – Copywriting and translation of press releases
  • Bulgari – Translation of advertorials
  • Loreal – Translation of brochures
  • Bella – Translation of brochures
  • Christian Dior - Translation of an interview and press releases
  • John Lobb Shoes - Translation of brand book and catalogue 
  • Prada – Translation of fashion labels and press releases
  • Miu Miu - Translation of fashion labels and press releases
  • Fancl – Translation of the website
  • Sony – Translation of website and user manuals
  • Samsung - Copywriiting and trasnlation of brochures | Translation of sales presentation 
  • HP-  Copywriting of advertorials 
  • Canon – Ccopywriting of brochures
  • Bose – Translation of website content
  • Ultimate Mac Gallery - Translation of regular magazine content
  • PCCW- Copywriting and translation of e-DMs
  • Pacnet – Translation of press releases 
  • NTT com Asia – Translation of press releases
  • Fuji Xerox – Copywriting of brochures, e-Newsletters 
  • Blackberry - Translation of brochures